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Активные туры / Arctic adventure tours / Nomads people Nenets Yamal Homestay

Nomads people Nenets Yamal Homestay

Reindeer Herders Yamal Nenet camp Yamal Nenets child Yamal Polar Urals

Nenets in the translation means – human.

Nenets people, who historical lives in the tough Arctic conditions. They are reindeer herders who still lead a traditional nomadic way of life. National details of everyday life, dwelling in the form of the plague, folk, and tribal festivals and rituals, crafts, costumes and decorations, food is largely maintained authentic traditions.

Among the mountains of the Polar Urals is the camp of the herders. In the chum, you will find the atmosphere of comfort and harmony, in which the passage of time is perceived differently than in the usual urban setting. The blessings of civilization are used only partially. There are no cellular and bustle of the city, here until we get big business and the crowds of tourists.

            We offer a unique tour to places which are still the object of attention of researchers of our planet, where natural landscapes have not lost their original appearance, and inhabiting peoples fit perfectly in the unspoiled, quiet, harsh life.

            During a homestay, you will get acquainted with the daily life and traditional occupations of the nomadic herders. If you want, can help the family in the daily tasks required to maintain heat in the hearth.

            So will be able to learn new knowledge and skills, such as the right to choose a dry tree and cut it down, get to know the intricacies of splitting various types of wood, as well as techniques and rules for the treatment of a chainsaw and an ax. To try his hand at tanning deer skins, weaving rope, making a harness for the reindeer, as well as learn the technique of tailoring Nenets clothes. You will be shown how to throw the lasso, with some skill, You will be able to catch the deer.


            We still use sleeping bags for the night in the chum, but absolutely refused to use the tourist mats, replacing them with reindeer skins.



Day 1: The guide meets guests at the hotel and takes them to the airport. Morning flight to Salekhard. At the airport, we will be met by the local English speaking guide. We will drive to the Kharp village approx 65 km. Nenets will meet us up there. Upload on the sleds and moving by the snowmobile 30-80 km to the Nenets camp. (L,D)


Day 1-5Live with the nomads, eating and sleeping in their chums (reindeer fur teepees). There will be no fixed itinerary for these days. Guests will merely observe and take part in the daily lives of the nomads and immerse themselves in this ancient culture. Daily life could include herding reindeer (up to 1000 in one herd), lassoing reindeer with reindeer rawhide lassoes. Cutting trees for firewood, collecting ice or snow for water, making new sleds, sewing fur clothing, and so on. We can also do short hikes by the snowshoes in the Polar Ural mountains. Try ice fishing and hunting depends on the time of year and weather conditions. (L,B,D)

Day 6: After a shared breakfast with the family we will go by snowmobile to the Kharp village, where we will be picked up by car and transport to Salekhard. Accommodate in the hotel, personal time. Overnight in hotel, double room. (B)

Day 7: Free day in Salekhard in case of bad weather delaying our return. On this day we can visit the museum, visit the 16th century fortress of Obdursk, the first Russian settlement built on this site, visit the market square where nomads sell meat, fish and furs.

Another option goes to ice fishing. We can go to the special place on the Sob river. We will drive over 40 km to the South from Salekhard along a “zimnik”. Zimniks are temporary winter roads which do not exist in summer. They are built of compacted snow, or on the surface of frozen rivers. And over than 20 km without any roads, only destination. You will know the Siberian tricks for catching white fish, taste the fish soup with will cook right on the field. (L,D)

After return from the fishing we'll go to the Russian banya (sauna).

Day 8: Breakfast in the hotel. Departure to the airport at 7:30 am. The departure of the flight at 09:00h – arrival at Domodedovo airport at 10:00h. (B) 


The program can be adapted on request, regarding the interests of a particular group


The accommodation in the Chums is on a sharing base. Depending on the groups size there will be a Chum available for the group only.

The program will vary depending on the weather, snow and ice conditions, presence of animals and the guides’ decisions at the time.


Note: The guide will adapt the program of activities according to the group.

The order and content of the expedition may vary. Adapt the route and content based on conditions and options offered each time. The Nenet can move their camp at any time, so the final location of homestay will only be known just before departure.

During the expedition, the co-operation of all participants will be crucial. 

Чтобы забронировать тур, необходим:
Аванс 30% — 75000 руб.


— Nomad people Nenets Homestay from 2 pax250000 руб.

Costs & Services



 Flights to/from Moscow;

Accommodation in Salekhard (double rooms);

Meals as specified in the program;

Transports as specified in the program;

Homestay with local family;

Local Guide;

Activities according to program;

Arctic safety/security equipment;

Telephone SAT (in case of emergency);

Tents, cooking equipment, first aid kit.


Not included

Personal expenses such as drinks, tickets, phone calls, etc;

Travel Insurance;

Excess baggage;

Individual clothing/equipment, backpack, cold-weather clothing, etc (contact us for advice);

Any service in Moscow;

All services not specified in "Included".


Price is based on 2 people traveling
Individual supplement: please inform

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